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PTSD UK 2021 Art Competition

Hello! Thank you for your interest in the 2021 PTSD UK Art Competition!

We know how beneficial creating art can be for people with PTSD - whether it's a poem, sculpture, photography, painting, illustration, doodle, or haiku, art therapy can help individuals find coping strategies and an internal strength to begin their healing process without having to relive experiences.

Sharing how PTSD can make you feel so others know they're not alone in their thoughts, along with the hope that 'Tomorrow CAN be a New Day' can be so valuable for people affected by PTSD, so we want to compile your amazing artwork into a book - to help raise awareness of PTSD, and to fundraise for PTSD UK.

We're looking for anyone affected by PTSD (that's people with the condition, and their friends, family and loved ones) to enter and be part of this great book to inspire others and provide hope, understanding and empowerment in a new format.

What should the art be of?

Your art can be in any format that feels right for you, but as the winners will be included in a book, video/animations are not suitable. Your art might be ceramics, poetry, illustration, painting, sculpture, printmaking, graphic design, crafts, photography, or any other medium that helps you communicate what you want to say.

The art piece should be about the experience of PTSD (in whatever form that takes for you), or driven from art therapy for PTSD, but you don't need to have PTSD to enter - perhaps it's some creative writing in the form of a letter to PTSD and why you wish it would stop hurting your friend , an illustration of how you see your Dad vs how he might see himself, or a powerful photograph of your wife after PTSD treatment showing her smile.

Your artwork entry might be something you've already created, or maybe something new you'll create. If you want to create a new masterpiece, but are stuck for inspiration, you could always use our motto ‘Tomorrow CAN be a new day’ as an idea; so artwork which demonstrates the attributes this brings: Hope, Strength, and Courage (or anything else it means to you).

We'll include as many winning pieces of artwork in the book as possible, but not all entries will be selected. There will also be 3 top prize winners:

Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges at PTSD UK based on their originality, interpretation and impact.

The prizes for the top prize competition winners are as follows:

1st Prize: £100 Amazon Voucher, PTSD UK goodie bag and a copy of the book

2nd Prize: £75 Amazon Voucher, PTSD UK goodie bag and a copy of the book

3rd Prize: £50 Amazon Voucher, PTSD UK goodie bag and a copy of the book

This competition is open from 1st April to 31st May and to enter, you just need to fill in a short form, and send us a copy of your artwork.

Who can enter?

Everyone is welcome to enter the competition whether amateur or professional (except those directly involved in PTSD UK and judging). You can enter as many pieces of artwork as you want.

Size & Format

Entries MUST be submitted as a digital image or pdf file. Ideally images should be the highest resolution of 4 megapixels or above so they are suitable for enlarging.