Your chance to win a personalized signed edition of Cocktail Chameleon by Mark Addison & a pair of Cocktail Twilly Scarf and Pocket Square

2018 Best Picture Oscar Cocktails

Who will win the big award at 2018 Academy Awards on Sunday March 4th…? YOU!!!

Choose your favorite Best Picture Oscar Cocktail for your chance two win one of two prizes: 

One personalized signed copy of Cocktail Chameleon, One Cocktail Twilly Scarf or Cocktail Pocket Square & “Biggest Party Animal” or “Biggest Drama Queen" awards. One award will be given to the Cocktail that wins the Oscar for Best Picture & one will be given out for the most liked Best Picture Cocktail.

• No purchase necessary! • winner must be 21+ years old • Winners will be chosen by midnight March 4th.