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Nominate a Superhero to sweeten their day.

When the government announced that mass gathering would be banned we thought our business was over. After days of anxiety, stress and anger, we reached out to our community and asked for help...and you responded.

Now, every time you order some of Australia's most awarded fairy floss, you go into the draw to win a box of 60 tubs of Fluffy Crunch. Whether you're buying to satisfy a sweet craving or wanting to send some sweet joy to a friend, partner, client or family member in isolation, then Fluffy Crunch is there for you. We created this weekly competition to say thank you.

Now, taking this idea of kindness and support just that little bit further we have decided to pay it forward and send a box of 60 tubs to a group of Superheroes in your community.

It’s simple, complete the form below and nominate someone who could use some sweet joy in their life. It could be a group of professionals making a difference in the health care system, education system, public services, retail outlets, charities, food banks or anyone on the frontline during the coronavirus pandemic.

Nominations will close 30 April 2020.

A superhero will be chosen on Friday 10/04/2020, 17/04/2020, 24/04/2020 and 1/05/2020.

Help us pay in forward by sharing our message.