Your chance to win our Goddess Bath Ritual Set

We are giving away some of our bath ritual kits for your own Goddess Time sessions! Super excited for you to enjoy, your bath and feel the healing power to peel off many of your artichoke layers of old SELF. Let's get to that heart baby!

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Love Yourself Goddess Bath Ritual Kit:

1 Pink Love Candle

The color pink is associated with Venus, the goddess of love. It is the symbol of love and friendship, and it raises positive vibrations.

1 Bar Of Rosemary Soap

The primary associations of rosemary are healing, protection, purification, love, strength, memory, stress relief, and mental clarity.

1 Bottle of bath salts, baking soda, apple cider vinegar with essential oils

Lavender, Jasmine, a combination of different salts like the dead sea and Himalayan just to name a couple, and rose quartz to create this beautiful fusion of love vibrations in your bath.

Pink is associated with love and the heart chakra. This vibration of love helps you to love yourself and walk the path of your life's purpose; to enjoy yourself and live a better life. Himalayan sea salt for example centers and grounds your energy. Purifies and cleanses negative energies and releases physical, mental and emotional attachments.

It promotes spiritual, mental and emotional balance by purifying your body of negativity. The Himalayan salt bath benefits can also help to regulate sleep and relieve stress, which will encourage an overall sense of harmony within your day to day life.

Many Blessings! 

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